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Send Letter Online


With the emergence of social media and virtual platforms, communication is all about texting and emails for most people all around the world these days. Yet, sending physical letters holds powerful charm and it’s an impressive way to show that you love and care for the receiver. In fact, more than 50% of Brits still prefer sending physical letters.

So, if you are interested to send physical letters without requiring going to the post office or delivery service, VLOT is there to take all your worries. We are an online letter sending service that lets you send letters to your favourite person where we cover the entire physical burden and your loved ones can easily receive that letter in time.

At VLOT, you can compose your letter online, customize it, add the recipient’s details, pay the fees, and we will print and deliver the letter to the destination. At one point, our online letter delivery service will save time and money; on the other side, it creates an emotional attachment between you and your loved ones.

Also, we ensure the world’s best encryption facility to maintain the confidentiality of your messages. So, it brings peace of mind for you too.


What Is VLOT Send Letter Online Service?

You can use VLOT’s send letter online service to compose and send personalized letters from the comfort of your own home. All you need is to visit the website, upload or mail your composed letter, determine the page number, and go off.

Once you upload the images and page numbers, you will see the pricing you can pay through your cards or PayPal. After that, VLOT will take responsibility for printing the letter and sending it to the right address within the shortest possible time.

Also, depending on your requirement, you can choose between the following online letter delivery service timeline:

  1. Regular: The letter may take a few days to reach the recipient. Although it takes some time, regular letter delivery is the cheapest.
  2. Express: When you are in a hurry, you can choose the express letter delivery service. Although it is slightly pricier, the letter will be delivered to the address within one to two days.
  3. Super-express: In emergencies, super-express delivery will allow you to complete the letter within hours.

Our online letter-send services eliminate the need to go to a post office. Also, you don’t need to search for an envelope and stamp.

With just a few clicks, you can create heartfelt messages and have them delivered to their loved ones, friends, or business contacts anywhere in the world. So, it is a great way to save money and time and make your relatives and friends feel special.


Why Choose VLOT?

VLOT, as a premier delivery option for letters, understands the need to be in touch with your loved ones beyond social media and online. Also, we know how a person can feel emotionally when he receives a handwritten letter in his mailbox.

Therefore, we offer personalization, easy delivery and convenient online services. From a nostalgic feeling to convenience, the online send letter facility is unique and inevitable.

Importance of Connection:

In this fast-paced digital world, our relations and communication are not getting worse day by day. We hardly visit our friends or relatives. Similarly, we forget the importance of proper communication and ways to do it.

However, maintaining personal connections is crucial. Personal connections are a rare gem in a world saturated with digital interactions. Regarding this, VLOT helps you bridge the communication gap. We offer a tangible connection through physical letters that transcends screens.

When you send a letter, it shows that you have taken the time and effort to express your thoughts and feelings meaningfully. So, people will appreciate it more and be willing to do something for you that you can’t expect otherwise.

Nostalgic Touch:

Do you remember the joy of finding a letter in your mailbox? It was an awesome moment and something you may look for now. Well, VLOT brings back that warm nostalgia so that recipients can hold cherished messages in their hands.

These physical letters bring back memories of the good old days. People earlier used to send and receive physical letters and even flexed about their presentation and beauty. So, when someone receives a physical letter, it willmake them nostalgic and may even be emotional.

This nostalgic touch makes your communication more personal and intimate. It adds a sentimental touch to relationships and makes the recipient feel special.


Sending letters online to your relatives, families, and friends is also convenient. You can send letters without leaving their homes. You can do everything online using VLOT’s user-friendly interface, from composing the letter to choosing delivery options.

This way, VLOT offers the utmost convenience to you of the digital age and still enjoy the nostalgic moments of the early 2000s or late 1990s, maybe even more. Therefore, with our online send letter service, you will enjoy better convenience and emotional attachment.

Global Reach:

With VLOT, geographical distances no longer pose a barrier to sending letters. You can keep in touch with loved ones through our online letter-sending options. Whether your recipient is in the same city or on the other side of the world, you can send letters to them anywhere.

Also, send documents to offices or universities the fastest way possible through VLOT. And it doesn’t even need you to go out of your room for this global reach.


Thoughtful Gestures:

You can make someone’s day special by sending a letter to them. It is a thoughtful gesture that everyone will love. Whether for a special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries or showing that you care, a physical letter shows sincerity.

Plus, it includes a rare thoughtfulness that digital means such as emails or social media can’t replace. So, a letter can be a powerful gesture that speaks volumes. Regarding this, VLOT lets you make an impact with your words, whether it’s a celebration or just simple care.


Safety and Security of Sending Letter Online

VLOT understands that privacy and security are of utmost importance for users. It is particularly vital where security breaches and violating the privacy of clients are common in online platforms. So, for sending personal messages, we focus on confidentiality and proper encryption more than anything.

Plus, we give paramount importance to the security and privacy of the users. Our services implement several robust measures to ensure the safety of both user data and the content of the letters.

Encrypted Communication:

We employ advanced two-way encryption protocols for your letters and information. It will safeguard all user data and the contents of the letters. On top of it, we have our servers with the world’s best encryption facility. So, VIRUS and other tools can’t breach our server security.

Hence, the messages you send remain confidential. Also, these are accessible only to the intended recipient, adding an extra layer of security to your communication.

Privacy Protection:

We securely store personal information and recipient addresses within VLOT’s system. The service diligently guards this information against unauthorized access. Hence, it will ensure that all correspondence remains private and protected from potential breaches.

Also, we ensure maximum confidentiality. So, we will not try to check your messages or letters and not even hand them over to any authorities without your permission. So, you can be confident to send letters without letting others know.

Trusted Delivery Partners:

VLOT has forged partnerships with reputable delivery companies. Hence, it helps us to ensure that your letters are transported securely and reliably to their destinations. Also, our partnership with the country’s top delivery services allows us to deliver your letters quickly.

These partnerships further underscore VLOT’s commitment to providing a seamless online letter-sending experience. Hence, you will enjoy a convenient and secure experience.

How Send Letter Online Works

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to send a letter through VLOT. In fact, our online letter-sending service is a straightforward process that merges modern technology with traditional sentiment.

Step 1: Compose Your Letter

First, you can craft a personalized message using VLOT’s intuitive interface. The UI and UX are ideal for capturing your thoughts and emotions. Also, you may upload your images directly using the dialogue box on our online page.

Step 2: Enter Recipient Details:

Once you have uploaded your letter or image, you can input the recipient’s name and address. Also, you can save it conveniently for future use or use it temporarily. It will give you better convenience in saving or using the address for only one time.

Moreover, this step ensures accuracy in delivery. It will also streamline the process for subsequent letters if you frequently send letters to that address.


Step 3: Choose Delivery Options

You can tailor your letter-sending experience to different delivery options. You may select the delivery speed (Standard or Express) and paper type (Regular or Premium). This customization allows you to adjust the experience to your preferences and needs.

Also, you can choose these delivery options depending on your budget and time requirements. So, you will have complete independence in the delivery options.


Step 4: Preview and Pay:

Before finalizing the process, take a moment to review your letter. We recommend you check the associated costs and proceed to a secure payment process. The transparency in pricing guarantees that you have a clear understanding of the expenses involved.


Pricing for Send Letter Online Service

VLOT focuses on transparency for the cost of your online letter delivery service. The actual cost will depend on the following items:

  • Delivery time of your letter
  • How many pages do you have for the letter
  • Paper type for your letters, such as regular or card stock ones.
  • Distance of the recipient, within the country or internationally.

Thus, you are completely in control of determining the pricing for sending letters through our online services. VLOT’s online send-letter services typically cost between £2 and £10.

You will know the cost when you choose the right page numbers, destination, delivery time and distance on our website. Once you know the pricing, you can pay it using different online payment options. You can use your bank card or PayPal, or any convenient payment gateway.


Contact Us

VLOT stands out as a premium letter delivery service in an era of rapid digital communication. We offer a modern, efficient, and secure method of sending heartfelt letters to families and friends within an affordable budget.

Moreover, VLOT rekindles the beauty of personal connections and cherished memories through online letter-sending services. We combine convenience, security, and sentiment to provide a unique and meaningful way to communicate in the digital age.

Hence, with VLOT, you will experience the joy of sending letters onlineto touch lives and make lasting impressions with your words. So, contact us and send your letter now through our service to surprise your loved ones!

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